ManTech International | CNO Software Developer, Lead
  • Developed an AWS/C2S-backed full stack web application for remote software command/control and displaying data on an interactive map
  • • Backend: Pyramid, Postgres, and a custom themed, locally hosted OSM server
  • • Frontend: Vue.js, OpenLayers, transpiled with Node.js
  • • Lead UX designer for the project
  • • Converted requirements and customer feedback into Agile tickets
  • • Determined sprint goals
  • • Assigned team tasking
  • Assisted in completing DoD RMF certification and accreditation paperwork
  • Worked with a small team to produce white papers
RingØ Technologies | Computer Security Engineer
  • Developed a full stack application to create a network of virtual machines that replicate a real-world network, including the ability to interact with individual machines within the browser
  • Worked on a team to develop and test a front-end interface to configure and monitor fieldable tools
  • Worked with a small team on a DARPA research contract to develop a threat exemplar and countermeasures to an airgap jumping technique utilizing powerline communication devices.
Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Bachelor's Degree: Information Technology
  • Security Specialist Concentration

A Trail Tale

Check it out!

An interactive live-blog of my youngest brother's progress as he hikes the Appalachian Trail.

Unity is used to compile his pixel art illustrations and animations with music created by our middle-est brother into various animated scenes. The unity scenes are then exported to WebGL.

A Vue.js UI overlay shows live-updated information and uses the current location, time, weather, and cloud coverage to select the best scene for the conditions.

A separate Vue.js PWA application is used to update the site. It's insatllable and can cache updates so he can still update the app without cell coverage. The updates are automatically synced to the server when cell coverage is available.

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    Loading Screen
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    Hike View
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    Journal Map
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    Journal Entries
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    Evening Campsite
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    Zero Day
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    Backend Editor


Check it out!

A travel blog designed by my youngest brother, content by my middlest brother.

Built with with CraftCMS running on an Amazon EC2 instance. Site images are stored in an S3 bucket. I wrote a custom Craft plugin to extend the templating engine to automatically generate source sets for site images. The browser uses the source set to makes a request for the most optimal resolution, which is fulfilled by Cloudfront. If the requested image at that size is unavailable, a Lambda function resizes and caches the image.

System Vigil

A responsive GUI for a remote control agent to help with automated testing.

The frontend is built with Vue.js, and the backend is running on node.js on an AWS EC2 instance. The app automatically registers node when an agent is installed, and then allows that agent to be tasked. Current features include screenshotting, running commands, uploading/downloading/deleting files, listing directories, and updating configuration settings.

The app uses websockets to show instant updates whenever the nodes are changed.

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    App Home Screen
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    Node Tasking
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    Node Results